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    Celtic, medieval and Renaissance designs for you500彩票网安全下载r wedding!


    It's NOT a lettering font (although we include one for free) - it's a design tool that creates patterns by typing!

    All of the Celtic knotwork on this site was created with the Celtic Knot Font.


    The Celtic Knot Font is perfect for wedding invitations, programs, table and thank-you500彩票网安全下载 cards and more. Create you500彩票网安全下载r own embroidery designs for a very special Celtic, medieval or Renaissance style wedding gown. Make patterns for decorating you500彩票网安全下载r cake with matching knotwork motifs. You can even use the Font to make backgrounds, borders and embellishments for a wedding scrapbook or photo album.

    The Font lets you500彩票网安全下载 easily create unique Celtic knotwork on you500彩票网安全下载r computer - play with it until you500彩票网安全下载 get exactly the perfect design for you500彩票网安全下载r project - then print it! The designs are fully scalable so you500彩票网安全下载 can print them out at exactly the size you500彩票网安全下载 want.

    What you500彩票网安全下载 get for just $20:
    The Celtic Knot Font that lets you500彩票网安全下载 make an endless number of you500彩票网安全下载r own designs.
    76 fully editable and resizable royalty-free sample designs made with the Font. (Use them as-is or modify to suit you500彩票网安全下载r needs.)
    A free Celtic Uncial-style lettering font.

    This True Type font works on any PC or Mac, in the word-processing programs you500彩票网安全下载 are already using, or in any program that lets you500彩票网安全下载 choose a font.

    The following examples were created using the Celtic Knot Font:

    This invitation is an example of one of the ways that you500彩票网安全下载 can use the Celtic Knot Font in printed materials. This wedding invitation was created for some friends who were having a Renaissance style Wedding. The Filled and Outline Styles of the Font were used to create the border. The 2 styles align perfectly because of the great precision that was used in creating both of them. The subtle design in the center was also created with the Outline Style.

    Celtic wedding invitation with knotwork designs


    These embellishments were created with the Font and then given the appearance of silver in Photoshop.

    This wedding invitation has an interlaced border made with the Font.
    (The names have been blurred for privacy.)

    Celtic knot border wedding invitation


    This heart border created with the Font is perfect for weddings and would be lovely embroidered on a dress.

    Celtic knot heart border


    Celtic knot heart
    Celtic knot heart scrapbook embellishment
    A heart design created with the Outline Style Celtic Knot Font
    The same design cut out for a scrapbook

    Celtic knot hearts connected

    Connected hearts


    Celtic knot border scrapbook embellishment
    Celtic knot Interlaced scrapbook embellishment
    Celtic knotwork scrapbook embellishment
    Celtic knot design for scrapbooking
    These embellishments were created for a scrapbook.


    The following designs were created with the Font and then effects were added in various graphics programs.

    Celtic cross for weddings

    Celtic knots wedding decoration


    The following are examples of the various Styles of the Font used in an ordinary word-processing program like MS Word with no embellishments.





    All of the projects shown on this page were designed with the Celtic Knot Font!


    Pattern Pack #2

    The Pattern Packs are accessories that work with any Style of the Celtic Knot Font. Each has over 100 fully editable royalty-free designs that you500彩票网安全下载 can use as-is or modify as desired with the Font. Vector based, they scale to any size and work perfectly in any graphics program as well.

    Celtic knot patterns for weddings

    Pattern Pack #2 was specially created with a selecton of romantic knots appropriate for wedding invitations and programs, thank you500彩票网安全下载 notes, greeting cards, quilts, applique, hand or machine embroidery on wedding gowns, Irish dance dresses, Renaissance Faire garb and costumes, and even patterns for crafts. Many of the designs incorporate hearts. The package includes borders, medallions, hearts, and a variety of other decorative embellishments. You must have at least one Style of the Font to use the Pattern Packs. All of the designs work in all of the Styles.

    If you500彩票网安全下载 are looking for more traditional Celtic knots, try Pattern Pack #1.

    Click here to learn more about the different Styles of the Font!

    What is the Celtic Knot Font?

    I have studied hundreds of Celtic knots and dozens of tutorials on how to make them. I have taken these knots and the techniques to make them and have distilled them down into a set of standard elements. I took those elements and converted them into a font.

    Why a font?

    The reason is simple. Most people do not have the expensive drawing programs necessary to create these knots. Ready-made clip-art is fine if you500彩票网安全下载 want a limited number of designs that are already used by hundreds of other people, but if you500彩票网安全下载 want to create knots of you500彩票网安全下载r own design you500彩票网安全下载 have to learn to use a drawing program and spend many hours working with it just to create the most basic designs. But not any more! I have done the hard part for you500彩票网安全下载. All you500彩票网安全下载 have to do is put the pieces together! Every piece is drawn to an accuracy of better than 0.00001 inches. That means that each piece will line up perfectly with the next piece. There are only 3 styles of edges on all of the pieces. If you500彩票网安全下载 can just match one side with the next you500彩票网安全下载 can create thousands of different knots.

    Basic knots:

    All of the basic pieces which you500彩票网安全下载 need to create a Celtic knot are located conveniently in one corner of you500彩票网安全下载 computer keyboard:

    I have arranged the parts so that they are easy to find and easy to remember. See how this block of 9 keys makes a square (well, OK, it 's really a parallelogram, but I'm trying to keep this simple). The corners of this square make the corners of a knot. The sides make the sides of knots and the middle makes....you500彩票网安全下载 guessed it, the middle of a knot.

    If you500彩票网安全下载 type each row of three keys followed by the Enter key, the Celtic Knot Font will make this pattern:

    As you500彩票网安全下载 can see, it makes a nice square Celtic knot. Let's get a little more fancy. If we type more of the letters that make the top edge, the middle section, and the bottom edge we can extend the knot like this:

    See how the "a" key makes the left side and the "d" key makes the right side? Watch this:

    Using these two keys will make a vertical break in the weave. This is the basis of all Celtic Knotwork. Make a grid and introduce breaks into the grid to create a decorative pattern. Likewise we can use the "w" key and the "x" key to make horizontal breaks. Like this:

    These examples were made using just 9 of the pieces available in the Celtic Knot Font. There over 200 different pieces available in the full font!

    By assembling these pieces you500彩票网安全下载 can make thousands of different Celtic Knots.

    The Font works on any PC or Mac, with no special software needed.

    Click here to order
    (With online ordering you500彩票网安全下载 could be playing with it in minutes!)

    We will soon have charted graph versions for beadwork and cross stitch! Email us if you500彩票网安全下载 would like to be notified when they are available.

    Click here to see examples of Arts and Crafts done with the Celtic Knot Font.


    Be sure to check out our tutorial:
    How to Draw Celtic Knotwork

    A Side-By-Side Comparison of Two Methods

    Click here to learn more about the Celtic Knot Font!


    Click here to order the Font!
    (With online ordering you500彩票网安全下载 could be playing with it in minutes!)

    7610 Elphick Rd.
    Sebastopol, CA 95472

    (707) 774-1369

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    This page and all content (except where otherwise noted) 500彩票网安全下载 2001 - 2015 by Daniel L. Isdell.




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